What's been going on with Arkane, what inspires us, and what we think is cool

3D Printed Music

Watch as a 3D Printer acts as an instrument, performing the music it is printing. Read more →

Mobile Web Apps are not the Silver Bullet

Matt Gemmell wrote a thought provoking article about things developers should carefully consider when creating a mobile web app. Read more →

We believe an idea is nothing without solid design, execution and direction. At Arkane, the first thing we try to get from you is a concrete definition of the end goal. Only then can we begin our journey together to reach that goal.
Sauman Mahata

Our Philosophy

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Interaction Design Lessons from Sci-Fi

We are currently working on a project where we need to exude a Sci-Fi vibe. Read more →

The Bit Dome – A Truly Psychedelic Experience

According to it's creator, Zane Cochran, the Bit Dome is an interactive light simulation allowing you to immerse yourself in Read more →

Draw Your Own Vinyls

Get people to draw the beats on a vinyl and then let them play their creations. Read more →

Inspiration: Toshiyuki Inoko of teamLab

A personal hero, Toshiyuki Inoko really inspires creativity. Read more →

Useful things to Note when Designing Games

This article is about some ways video games designers try to get you addicted. Read more →