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3D Printed Music

Watch as a 3D Printer acts as an instrument, performing the music it is printing. Read more →

Mobile Web Apps are not the Silver Bullet

Matt Gemmell wrote a thought provoking article about things developers should carefully consider when creating a mobile web app. Read more →

We believe an idea is nothing without solid design, execution and direction. At Arkane, the first thing we try to get from you is a concrete definition of the end goal. Only then can we begin our journey together to reach that goal.
Sauman Mahata

Our Philosophy

Interaction Design Lessons from Sci-Fi

We are currently working on a project where we need to exude a Sci-Fi vibe. Read more →

The Bit Dome – A Truly Psychedelic Experience

According to it’s creator, Zane Cochran, the Bit Dome is an interactive light simulation allowing you to immerse yourself in music, meditation, light therapy simulations and even interactive games. Sounds pretty cool!
Read more about it here.

Draw Your Own Vinyls

Get people to draw the beats on a vinyl and then let them play their creations. Read more →

Inspiration: Toshiyuki Inoko of teamLab

A personal hero, Toshiyuki Inoko really inspires creativity. Read more →

Useful things to Note when Designing Games

This article is about some ways video games designers try to get you addicted. Read more →

Inspiration: GMUNK

Was made aware of Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK through Josh Nimoy’s work on Tron Legacy. Read more →

Josh Nimoy Talks about Working on Tron Legacy

An awesome look behind the scenes of what went on to create the visual spectacle that was Tron Legacy! Read more →

Useful Tips on Creating Interactive Infographics

Computer Arts published an article with 10 things to consider when making an interactive infographic engaging. Read more →

Write on LEDs using a Laser!

An awesome idea for a digital pixel graffiti project! Read more →

The Most Beautiful Interactive Display We’ve Ever Seen

Ok, we might be impartial to interactive mechanical objects, but think about it, people aren’t that impressed when something changes on a video display anymore. But if the display actually moves and reacts to you? Now, that’s something to guarantee a double take.

On the subject of shared code…

We should also mention Joshua Davis and his amazing work on the Hype Framework. Read more →


At Arkane, we love the beauty of fractals. Read more →

Novel Visualization of Sounds

This is a visual installation that reacts to sounds. Doesn’t sound so impressive? Read more →