What's been going on with Arkane, what inspires us, and what we think is cool

Inspiration: GMUNK

Was made aware of Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK through Josh Nimoy's work on Tron Legacy. Read more →

Josh Nimoy Talks about Working on Tron Legacy

An awesome look behind the scenes of what went on to create the visual spectacle that was Tron Legacy! Read more →

Useful Tips on Creating Interactive Infographics

Computer Arts published an article with 10 things to consider when making an interactive infographic engaging. Read more →

Write on LEDs using a Laser!

An awesome idea for a digital pixel graffiti project! Read more →

The Most Beautiful Interactive Display We’ve Ever Seen

Ok, we might be impartial to interactive mechanical objects, but think about it, people aren't that impressed when something changes Read more →

On the subject of shared code…

We should also mention Joshua Davis and his amazing work on the Hype Framework. Read more →


At Arkane, we love the beauty of fractals. Read more →

Novel Visualization of Sounds

This is a visual installation that reacts to sounds. Doesn't sound so impressive? Read more →